your online appearance on one page

To get noticed in the global connection craze is very simple:
Instead of letting your friends and connections GUESS on which networks you are, where you post images, or where you share cool stuff,

Give them ONE URL where they find all your profiles

1) Organize all your online profiles on one page
Add the appearoo link back to all profiles, email signature, presentations, business card…
(that’s a one time job)
2) Now use the appearoo link on each post, comment, wherever you are, whatever you do
3) Gain attention, followers and influence across all networks



appearoo in 60 seconds

Automate your online promotion

1Promoting all the content you shared across all networks is tough. appearoo is a very unique solution as it features all your presences with a single link as your signature: Visitors want to know more about you and will see your entire online appearance – without you featuring them every time you share something.


More followers & influence

2You will be surprised how fast you grow your followership with appearoo. If what you share is consistently pointing to what matters to you the most you will rapidly gain like minded followers. And now, since people can see your entire online appearance the first time you will experience rapid growth on all the other networks too.


Updates are a breeze

3There are always new networks coming in and other going out. Maintaining your entire online appearance is now a breeze – because you only need to maintain it in one central place: your appearoo. Imagine: someone finds a 5 year old email from you with your appearoo on it. clicks and finds the most up-to-date online appearance of yours.


Know your most relevant networks

4You will want to know, what sites are most relevant to you. The ones that were visited most are obviously most interesting to your audience. With the “Network Relevance Report” we show you each month which networks are relevant to you. The appearoo analytics system will tell you also number of visits, amplification and much more.




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Featured appearoos

Custom background, plus background templates. Different themes and a place to share your online appearance beyond the conventional LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles – add your YouTube, Quora, SlideShare, Pinterest, and the many other accounts you are on. Don’t forget your blog, your website.

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Business Model

appearoo is free
The basic functionality remains to be free. It includes your personal appearoo for unlimited profiles, the management console and a social address book where you can keep all the appearoos from your friends. You can follow others or be followed. Product support is provided via our user group.



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